Friday night party 1/7/05

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Now Ms Brenda I think he was just trying to get in our pants. No matter where we went he found you or I...LOL Next time I'm going to wear a shirt that says THIS GROUP IS FOR YOUNG GUYS ONLY...LOL I can't wait to do this all again. It was so much fun.

Love you guys

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LOL LOL LOL!!!! Friday night was so much fun! Its an understatement... words cant explain how much I enjoy you gals! "Are you calling me a cup?"

Stacie, Stacie, Stacie.... I love you more than a fat kid loves cake! Ang I hope it turned out to be a fun birthday afterall. Next time no pre party party... jeeez! I cant wait to do it again... when are we going to the Bay Area... lets get it started....... :D

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