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6 weeks post op gastric bypass and having serious regrets

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I had gastric bypass on 3/31/22 and I am having a hard time. Right after surgery I was feeling great, no pain or discomfort and was able to walk as recommended. I did fine with the liquid diet, just drank my protein shakes. At weeks 3-5 I had severe nausea and unable to eat or drink, nothing would stay down. I talked with a nutritionist and she said I most likely had Keto flu and I made myself drink and eat. I started feeling better midweek, but it's still hard to eat and drink. Before surgery I had no problems drinking 90 ounces of water a day, but I have no desire to now without the hunger or thirst. All I can eat is scrambled eggs and I miss food so much!! I'm looking for guidance, please!!

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