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Hello, Who wants to welcome the new year by reaching their goals with me?


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Hello I'm Ellisha and live in London. I had gastric sleeve 8 months ago on 15-04-2021. I'm new here and I wanna share my experiences with who wondering about bariatric surgery's pre-op, during process and post-op. 

Starter Status -> Age: 24, Height: 162 cm - 5 ft 3.77 in, Weight: 112.4 kgs - 246.91 lbs, BMI: 42.9

Current Status -> Age: 24, Height: 162 cm - 5 ft 3.77 in, Weight: 63.8 kgs - 140.65 lbs, BMI: 24.3 

I chose this surgery in Turkey because my friend's recommendation and they offer low cost and high quality. Also, I love to travel, this was one of the reasons I chose a different country. I think it is much more advantageous because of the foreign exchange balance in such countries. I can also help anyone who has questions about this.


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Thanks @cinwa At first, I was afraid if I should have the surgery or not. Honestly, I never expected the result to be like this. Now, I'm more confident and cheerful. I'm here to inspire others.

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