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Chest Pain - esophageal spasms?

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I am 7 years out of RNY bypass surgery. I have moderate reactive hypoglycemia but no other complications.

I have been going through very difficult family problems which caused a lot of stress and sadness. The other day I was coming out of a work meeting, thinking of all the tasks that I had to do and also answering upsetting text messages from family when I started feeling severe chest pain. An opression in the middle of the chest that went all the way around to my back. It was so bad that I thought I may be having a heart attack. I panicked, then thought it could be an esophageal spasm as I had the same type of experience before the surgery once. Tried to calm down and put my head between my knees which seemed to make it better, then after a while slowly walked around until the pain subsided. It may have lasted 30 minutes in total. 

Have any of you had a similar experience? If so, what caused it? Should I be worried about it being something else?

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I haven't had any issues like that - it sounds scary. 

I'd recommend you have it checked out with your primary care provider sooner rather than later.

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