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Hello! I'm new here

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I had VSG August 11, 2015 in Shawnee, KS with Dr. Hoehn at Kansas Bariatric. I weighted 293 or 295 at surgery.  I dropped to 183 in 10 months. However, I experienced heartburn for the next 5 years and was on Omeprezole for the entire time. Started at 10mg and was at 80mg in 2020.  Not good. I was living in Houston area and was referred to Dr. Patrick Reardon at Houston Memorial.  He did revision surgery October 5, 2020. I had Gastric Bypass to repair a hernia that grew on the top of my pouch and the pouch twisted to the point I was throwing up all the time and couldn't eat anything that didn't cause heartburn on a daily basis. I had immediate relief after the revision. I'm now almost 10 months post surgery, dropped 44 lbs, and have been heartburn free.  I've been off the Omeprezole since December 2020. I'm so thankful to the surgical team and Dr. Reardon.  I am having a fear of symptoms similar to Fatty Liver though.  I don't drink alcohol.  Not sure why I'm having lab results of high AST/ACT since December 2020. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Welcome to TTF!  

I'm very sorry about the complications that you have faced.  You should see a liver specialist doctor about your lab results.  I had some unusual lab results after my gastric bypass, and went to see a liver specialist.  She determined that that my test results were nothing to worry about.  

In the meantime, here is some information on the significance of your lab results.


We are here to support you.


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