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Joining the losers bench

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Got home from the hospital this afternoon - stayed 2 days. Not gonna lie, still feel pretty rough. Surgery apparently went fine, did the bypass and fixed a hernia. The stay in the hospital wasn't great. My IV infiltrated twice so my right arm is blown up like a balloon. I'm up 12 pounds from all the fluid in me. Sporting my stylish compression stockings for the next 2 weeks. Looking forward to getting through Sunday when I can finally have some Soup. Still no regrets.

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Welcome to the losers bench ZhivagosGirl

The early days post-op can be difficult but the best advice I can give is that you take little walks as often as you can - even if it's just around the house.  

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Hang in there.  The first week or so can be tough, but it gets much better.  

We are here to support and inform you.  :)

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