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Food stuck 18 hours Help

Gen C

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Hi All,

I had my lapband put in 15 years ago and have no fill at the moment so have a bit more flexibility in what I eat if I’m careful and chew. 
Yesterday was stressful and I didn’t get to eat till 5pm, I had a hot dog in bread and realized after my first slightly too big bite the food was stuck. It’s still stuck at 10am the next day. This has never happened before, I’ve always been able to push the food through with water but that just made it worse.

I’ve tried Papaya enzymes, pineapple juice, drinking coke, forcing it up, walking constantly, stretching, jumping up and down, attempted standing on my head but fell over. 

It won’t budge and I’m freaking out a little. Most of these caused more pain. 
should I just go to the emergency room? It’s a weekend so the bariatric Centre is closed.

Any tips? 


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Welcome to Thinner Times Gen C.

In your situation and given the length of time, I'd definitely go to the ER.

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