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Medical alert bracelets

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Do most people wear medical alert bracelets? I just think it’s a good idea to wear one, alert medical personnel that I’m a bypass patient. Wondering how others feel.

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I wear one.  This is what mine states:

Roux en Y (gastric bypass)
No Blind NG Tube
Allergies - Penicillin
Contact information
I was also advised by our local fire and rescue not to have a medical alert bracelet that looks too much like costume jewelry.  It needs to stand out for what it is.

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I do not wear one.

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Thank you both for you thoughts on this.

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I wear one.  I got the tag from Lauren's Hope and then beaded the bracelet for it (I had an adjustable band while I was losing weight).

It has;

my name

R-Y Bypass Jan 2016

No Blind NG Tube (which means they need to scope you to put an NG tube down)


the 24/7 phone number of my bariatric team

ICE (in case of emergency) my husband's name and phone

I used to work in an ER many years ago and while the chance that this information might be needed is very slim, I'd rather have it handy.

R-Y bracelet 01.jpg

R-Y bracelet 02.jpg

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