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There's lots of good reading on hypoglycemia - just type that into our search engine (upper right of this page).

Best advice I can offer is that you get yourself a glucose meter, keep detailed records of your numbers, your diet including amounts/weights and the time and whether it it caused your blood sugars to drop. That will be of help to your surgeon or PCP.  My triggers were grains, cereals and legumes  (I was fine if I avoided them).

Start listing your foods (and that means weighing/measuring everything), include the times - record any negative responses.  Finding out what kicks your hypoglycemia off is really important.  Starchy carbs were the kicker for me and ultimately, I had to limit my serving to around 9g per serving.

Eat something no less than 2 hourly.  Thankfully, fresh fruit and veg didn't cause me a problem - nor did dairy but beans were guaranteed to bring on low blood sugar levels.

Keep something like glucose tablets around you at all times.  Personally, I hated them and they're expensive.  I used regular LifeSavers - 2 1/2 got my blood  sugars back up.  But keep a record of episodes including what you ate and the time - that will be helpful to your doc/surgeon.

Here are a couple of links with useful information to get you going but there are many more - just search hypoglycemia.





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