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I am so huge


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Feeling sick about myself. I feel like a whale, my belly fat is disgusting and I feel so hideous. Because of WFH in lockdown my belly has ballooned from 31 inches to 36 inches ( I am not pregnant and Docs found nothing wrong).

I can't look in a mirror or even down my body-all i see is this massive protruberence bouncing everywhere 

I walk for 1 hr a day, and run three times a week but gut's still there.
I've eaten nothing but yogurt for 3 days and not an inch lost.
Surprised my hubby not complaining that his wife is now only slightly thinner than a whale and can only wear baggy jumpers as belly wobbles so much.

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Welcome to Thinner Times!  You haven't mention whether you're going to or have had weight loss surgery but my reply would be the same either way.

You may not have lost inches but I'd put money on you having lost weight having lived for 3 days on yogurt.  But don't rely on just yogurt - hit the salads and vegetables with some lean protein.  You need to be on a diet that's balanced and sustainable.

Try not to weigh yourself more than once a week.  I had my husband hide them from me because I couldn't keep off them - if they were down, I felt great but if they weren't, that led me to throw in the towel and stuff myself stupid.  

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