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Hello from Colorado

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I'm Samantha and I'm from Denver metro area. I had gastric by pass 1/27/08. My highest weight was 360lbs, my lowest was 175. 

I had 3 babies after my surgery. I have never had any problems, until recently. I was at home on March 16th, with my sick son. I had an attack of some sort. It felt like over powering gas bubble. It went on all day, it dropped me to my knees and it hurt worse then natural birth. I went to the ER, on my Dr's order. They ruled out appendices  and kidney stones. Cat scan and blood work, did not show anything wrong. They asked me to follow up with my Gastric dr. I called his office, I had not seen him in 12.5 years. They got me in pretty quick. On March 31st, I saw him and told him everything that was going. He knew right away, what it was. He said I had an internal hernia, and it needed to be repaired quickly. I was in surgery on 4/2/21. 

After surgery, he told my husband they found a lot more then a hernia. My Y was covered in scar tissue, to the point he had no idea how I was ever able to eat anything. Because food passing through the scar tissue would be almost impossible. So he removed all my scar tissue and repaired my hernia. 

Before I had my attack, I was always gassy. No matter what I ate, I was burping up a storm and I had a really hard time losing weight. I'm still healing, my burping is a lot less now. I have also dropped weight. When I went into surgery I was 210, now I'm 192. 

I asked him how this could happen, he said it could be anything. From the bypass to having babies. So now I'm hopefully, I can meet my goal weight now :)

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