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I just got referred here by my Kaiser member services person!  I wish I remembered her name.. how awesome is that?


just started my process, set up dietitian appointments and dr, but none of them start until may 26.  Lol..   my BMI is 52 I’m diabetic and 47.  Hoping to have more energy, ride roller coasters again and be all I know I can be.

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Welcome to Thinner Times and congratulations on starting your weight loss surgery journey.  Exciting times ahead for sure.

I hear you on looking forward to getting on a roller coaster ride although that would be a little too much for me.  One of my goals was to be able to fit my derrière into a playground swing.  I hadn't been able to fit in one since I was something like 9 or 10.  Now, when I take my dog for a walk, I often go down the kiddies slide for no other reason than I can.  

Keep focused on your goals. 

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 My goal was to “be normal”.  Not to hold my breath when tying my shoes, lol..  I was able to get certified as a scuba diver (before my dr wouldn’t ok it with my health problems).  (Add here that I’m terrified of putting my face in water and not being able to touch bottom, lol!  But hubby is a diver addict and instructor)

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