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So here is my story and already I know your being able to help me is a long shot. I had my stomach stapled in 1999. I lost 100 pounds but the metal ring that was placed at the bottom of my stomach eroded through. Later I learned this is why they do not do this procedure anymore. I then had a conversion surgery to a gastric bypass in 2012. This was following the death of my daughter. I lost 30 pounds but that was from no appetite due to depression. I never had restriction from the surgery. I had a revision in 2020 (October)) again I have no restriction and am not losing weight. I have done everything I was told and it did not work again. Have you ever heard of this? My pouch is an appropriate size, but I can still eat? Why doesn’t it work for me? Why can I still eat?  Do I need a ring or device to truly have restriction? I need some help and answers.

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Weight loss surgery is a powerful tool to lose weight, but it does not work in the long term unless the person truly commits to eating a healthy diet high in lean protein (fish, chicken, turkey, protein shakes, eggs, etc.) and reasonably low in carbohydrates and fats.  The usual reasons that people with a gastric bypass (or a sleeve) gain weight is that they are drinking a lot of calories, eating snacks, eating food high in carbohydrates, or drinking liquids during or right after meals.  

Here is a good guide on what to eat with a gastric bypass from one of the best hospitals in Boston:


I strongly suggest that you keep a log for a week of everything (and I mean everything, even the little piece of a cookie that someone in your family did not finish or the shot of milk that you put into your coffee).  Be sure to weigh or measure your food before you eat it, unless you have a pre-measured portion to begin with (e.g., a frozen Lean Cuisine meal).  From this, you should be able to tell if you truly are following the proper post-operation diet plan.

Losing weight after weight loss surgery and then keeping the weight off requires discipline and vigilance, or else weight regain is inevitable.

We are here to support you.

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