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Pre-op surgery appointment doc did a complete 180...I am SO disappointed

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So I went in to meet with the surgeon this morning and I was super excited to get my surgery date!  He even commented that I would be leaving with a surgery date as well before the end of the appointment.  We talked a bit about the two different surgeries I focused on, by-pass or sleeve and which would be better for me. I have Barrett’s esophagus (severe GERD, and IBS with colon spasms) so it was debated that perhaps the sleeve was not the best option for me.  But with the By-pass, the colon spasms and IBS issues could pose issues as well.  I also mentioned my Fibromyalgia.  I also mentioned my nervousness with the By-pass since my sister had it done back in early 2000 and passed away due to complications.  All of the sudden, he changed directions and decided I should not have the surgery at all, and said I should go the medical weight-loss route.  Which I have already done in the past, and i was not successful with.  I was so socked by the sudden change of direction from the surgeon, I couldn’t even disagree at that moment and advocate for what I felt I wanted and/or felt was best for me.  I walked out feeling defeated and drove home crying.  I felt like I went through almost a year of preparing for weight loss surgery; including going through classes paid for out of my pocket for nothing. 

i honestly don’t know what happened, what I said that made the doctor do a complete 180 during the appointment to all of the sudden decide that I was not a good candidate for the surgery.  I am so disappointed.  Just needed to vent.  

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I suspect he took all your issues with having surgery as perhaps being not ready for it yet. Of course there will always be some people for whom surgery isn't the best option, and without being your doctor, none of us know if you are indeed in that category. Maybe get another opinion from a different surgeon. I am a believer that everything happens for a reason, and that any delays in things create other opportunities.  My surgery was delayed by six months, and in that six months I really worked on my lifestyle and fitness so when I did eventually have surgery I was so much better prepared and more confident in my conviction that it was the right way to move forward.

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As usual, I totally agree with @Aussie Bear

Given your GERD, having the sleeve surgery would be a mistake as that surgery makes GERD worse.  In fact, it is quite common for people to revise their sleeve surgery into a gastric bypass due to severe post surgery GERD.  For example,



I am not a doctor, and thus do not know if your medical conditions make having a gastric bypass unwise.  If so, then your doctor was correct not to schedule gastric bypass surgery for you.  I had no medical conditions at the time of my gastric bypass (except for being severely overweight), and have had no post operation complications.

We are here to support you.


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