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Should i go through with this?

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I'm new here and I have been working towards the sleeve surgery for some months, and my surgery date is March 2nd, but I am having second thoughts.

My highest weight ever was 284.  That was 14 years ago.  I lost about 30 of that over 10 or 11 years, and over the last 3 years or so i have lost 40 more for a total of 70 pounds lost.  I am now at 214.  20 pounds of that weight I have lost in the last 2 months since meeting with the nutritionist from the surgery place.  She rebalanced everything I was eating and the weight is coming off faster than ever.  I wish I had met her years ago.

My dilemma is that I kind of want to keep trying on my own.  They have really underplayed all the ramifications of this surgery.  I learned of some of the problems (possible lack of nutrient absorption, occasional problems with surgery not healing properly, restrictions in some types of medications you can't use, food restrictions on things like coffee etc.) only from reading about them on line and talking with several people I have known who had the surgery.

On Monday, I meet with the whole team for a pre-op day- nutritionist, behaviorist, physical exercise guy, PA- to go over all this.  Every time I have asked questions, they  keep saying:  "They'll answer all your question on that day."  The problem with that is that it is only one week before my surgery and doesn't give me much time to figure things out.

Could I keep losing on my own?  I would probably hit some plateaus which would be discouraging, but I've also heard and read that most people who have this surgery lose only part of the amount that they, and/or their doctors would like them to lose.  (About 2/3 of the wight from the studies I looked at.)

Should I postpone it and see how I do for the next few months on my own?

In the end, I will have to decide for myself, but I would certainly value some input from any of you on this board (which I have been looking at a lot lately) on this matter.

Thank you,


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Welcome to Thinner Times ninadiamonds.

I could have made a career out of yoyo-ing dieting that lasted 35+ years prior to my bariatric surgery - all sabotaged by what I perceived a failure the moment the scales didn't record a loss.

On 2/19/2021 at 10:43 AM, ninadiamonds said:

I've also heard and read that most people who have this surgery lose only part of the amount that they, and/or their doctors would like them to lose.  (About 2/3 of the wight from the studies I looked at.)

That's certainly not my experience.  You will have a tool that will help you to get and stay at your goal weight provided you continue to follow the guidelines that you were given.  

I made it clear that I did not want a goal weight and was never given one which was as well because as it turned out, I wasn't large framed (as my mother always told me).

Early out, I had a DEXA scan which showed that my frame was below small, a wrist measurement of 5 1/4" and a 5 - 5 1/2 shoe size and at almost 66 years old, I'm still holding steady at 110-112lb (I'm 5'5" tall).

Best tip I can give you is to get the scales out of the house - those things were created by the devil.  They're great all the time you're losing weight but the moment we hit a stall (which is perfectly normal with any diet - bariatric surgery or not), we have a tendency to perceive that as a failure and go back to our old eating habits.


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My experience with my sleeve was a positive one.  3.5 years after my sleeve, I still feel constriction when I try to eat too much.  Weight loss surgery is not a magical pill, it is still a LOT of work.  But I have a tool in place (much smaller stomach) that gives me a massive advantage over other conventional weight loss programs/philosophies.  Best of luck to you in whatever route you choose.  We are here if you have any further questions :)

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