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Happy One Year Surgiversary

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One year ago today I had my gastric bypass surgery and what a difference a year makes! I've actually had a pretty easy time of it - no complications, minimal discomfort, and steady weight loss. My highest weight was 295, I was down to 236 when I had my surgery. My current weight is 152, with a goal weight range of 135-145 pounds. I'm figuring it will probably take me another year to get there but I'm in no rush - my body will do what it will do as long as I stick with the program. I did this to improve my overall health and it's been successful. My A1C is holding at 5.8, blood pressure is typically around 115/68.  Best of all, I've seen major improvement in my pulmonary arterial hypertension (note that while my weight wasn't the cause, the excess weight was a factor in my symptoms) - my exercise tolerance has improved dramatically and I no longer need supplemental oxygen - my specialist noted my chart as "phenomenal improvement."  So I can join in with many others on this board and say that I do not regret my decision and I'm looking forward to several healthier years ahead. 

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Happy 1st surgiversary Harrahgirl!

You have done an amazing job - no one could argue - your health improvements are living proof that WLS can and will turn our life around if we follow the programme.


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Congrats, that is wonderful.  So Happy for you.

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