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No support from family.

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I decided to have weight loss surgery. My family is not being supportive at all. My husband says I’m obsessed with the process. I can’t help it. It’s a life changing decision and I need help with that. Even my sisters(were really close) won’t talk about it with me. What’s wrong with me?

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There is NOTHING wrong with you @hilllsister!  I am sorry your family is not being supportive.  Most of that may come from a lack of understanding the benefits of WLS.  But at the same time, if they don't want to listen to your reasonings, you cannot force them to do so.  I really talked about WLS a LOT while I was going through the process.  Sometimes I needed to hold back and realize my husband may not wanna hear about this so much (even though he was supportive).  Sometimes I just needed to step back and focus those around me, to still stay in touch with their lives and needs.  It is easy to get caught up with the excitement of all the life changes, but not everyone will want to jump on the wagon with you.  That is one of the awesome things about this site - We are here to support you, and we LOVE to talk about WLS!  Hang in there <3

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Yay! Congratulations on making the best decision for your new healthy future!

In a leadership movement I've been part of "recently" (pre-Covid), we talk about why change is so difficult.  People don't fear change, they fear what they might lose because of the changes.  In order to get people to embrace change you must first speak to loss.  Perhaps your sisters fear they will lose the things you do together (many of our social activities revolve around food); sometimes spouses or significant others fear they'll lose you, either literally or emotionally.  Right now, they are likely needing some time to process their own feelings and just aren't the right people to process your own feelings with.  They will get there; they love you and want the best for you.

We are a bit obnoxious when we first get the WLS fever lol.  It can consume every thought, every conversation; kind of reminds me of a new convert to anything (religion, fitness, Mary Kay lol), you just want them to shut up already.  This is the best place to get all that out of your system, we LOVE to discuss everything WLS!  From pre-op diets, to constipation, to relationships...it gets pretty real here.  Glad you found us!

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