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Hello Everyone and Happy New Year !! It’s been a long road what with covid postponing my March 31st initial date. Then, late May I received a call that my surgery would be June 10th then...I wasn’t approved by my insurance. An appeal was submitted, and I was still denied. My surgeon told me to change my health insurance. I changed over on the first day of open enrollment and knew that it wouldn’t “kick in” until January  1st. Surgery was scheduled for January 25th!! Soooo today, Saturday, i received a call from my insurance telling me I was approved. I then logged into my account and sent proof of approval to my surgery team and now I’m told that I must get my covid test by early Monday and can have surgery on WEDNESDAY !!! But, I haven’t done my liquid fast yet due to my date being on January 25th. Has anyone ever heard of this surgery being done with only a 2 day liquid fast. It was supposed to be 7 days of fasting. 

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Congrats on the day. I have heard of surgeons not requiring a long liquid diet for some patients. Ideally depends on the state of your liver which they can determine via CT Scan or even just looking at liverenzyme results from blood testing. I'm sure, given the delays you've already had, your surgeon doesn't want you waiting any longer than necessary. They will have assessed your risks prior to scheduling your surgery so quickly.

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