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You're not alone - I think that most of us ran into issues with friends and family who were less than supportive of our decision to have weight loss surgery.

My husband went to all of the info sessions and having seen the struggles I went through with a multitude of diets over the years, only to end up heavier each time, he was behind me all the way.


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Be as obsessed as you need; don't let others be your influencers. It's part of what threw me off course. So what if I have to obsess to be healthy? I'd much rather that then obsess about unhealthy habits. Do you, and what's best for you! You always have support here if you need us :)

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I had zero support from friends or family. That didn't stop me going ahead. I lost all my excess weight and have been maintaining that loss for over three years now. I still have people make digs about my supposed obsession regarding my surgery, which is more about how I eat rather than what I say. A lot of it is jealousy in my case, and recognising that is what is happening has been pretty important to me. I'm going to live my life as best I can manage, with or without the support or positive affirmation of others. I didn't have surgery for them, so what they think or talk about is irrelevant.  I do have to be careful what I say around others though, as mostly they are very touchy about being obese themselves.

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