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Feel like I've been gone forever

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HELLO!!! I don't even know how long it's been since I've checked in here; I hope all have stayed healthy.  Covid has kept me hopping, and time has lost all meaning.  We just get through each day as best we can and get ready for the next.  I am so excited to be scheduled for vaccination this week; this is a light of hope that we've been waiting so anxiously for.

Unfortunately, the stress of this and the erratic schedule has played havoc on my health.  I am up about 20 pounds; I don't exercise or do any type of self care other than try to get a bit of sleep.  My blood pressure is creeping up, I've started having headaches again, I'm kind of a mess.  A couple of days off (finally) over the holidays has given me the opportunity to take stock and really honestly confront what's going on.  All the cute meme's about "quarantine weight" or "Covid gain" really aren't cute for someone locked in a lifelong battle with obesity...it's quite scary.  

So, I have resolved to getting back to basics; I can't continue to care for others if I am unwell.  So, I will return to taking my own food and staying away from the stuff in the breakroom.  I don't know that I can fit much exercise in just yet, when working 12-14 hours a day then being on call I am lucky to get sleep.  However, I have to take time for some de-stressing, and am committing to a short guided meditation I have done before.  I'm taking these small steps and hanging onto the hope of the beginning of the end of this national nightmare, perhaps by summer we will begin to see some sort of normal-ish life return.   

And, I will return here to keep me in touch with reality, my other reality...I always have to take care of my health and eat healthy.  I cannot revert to old habits.  I did not do this 6 years ago to let a little thing like a pandemic undo my years of success.  Thank you all for being here and helping and old-timer get back on track.

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Good to hear from you @msmarymac!  You summarized so well how many of us are feeling.  Thank you for sharing.  For some reason there is comfort in knowing we are not alone during these crazy times.  

I am also up and over goal weight by 8 pounds.  It's sort of a balancing act as some people try to rationalize letting me know I still look good, 8# isnt a lot, you look fine blah blah blah.  Which then in turn I struggle with accepting their rationalizations and have a very hard time buckling down like I know I should.  People who have not had obesity issues just don't really understand what a precarious tight rope we walk with regain.

I would imagine you are getting exercise during those long work hours!  Time for yourself seems very much in order.  My daughter and I may check into a Yoga class.  I have never done Yoga so sort of looking forward to it.  Hang in there Mary, you've got this!  :)

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Welcome back @msmarymac - we have missed your kind and thoughtful posts!  I wish you a very Happy New Year.

I am glad to hear that you probably have had your first COVID vaccine shot by now.  The end of the COVID pandemic is approaching, although I suspect that we have at least six months to go before life will begin to return to something that approaches "normal."

Weight regain is (sadly) a normal aspect of the weight loss surgery journey for most of us.  From reading many posts on this topic here at TTF, it appears that the secret to dealing with it is to go step by step.  First accept that you have regain and that you need to lose the extra weight.  Next, think hard about what bad eating/drinking habits have resulted in the weight regain (remember that exercise, although wonderful for our body and spirit, has only a minor role in weight loss or gain as compared to diet) and make a list of them.  Finally, return back to your post op diet and eliminate the bad eating/drinking habits that you identified.  Be patient as you won't lose the excess weight very rapidly (and you may have stalls), but you can and will lose those extra pounds and we are here to support you!!

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