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Gathering information on the Gastric Sleeving process.

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Hi everyone,

My name is Fred and back in 2010 I was banded at 170kgs and until a nasty cycling accident in 2018 I was down to 105kgs and now that power walking and any cycling is out of the question I've gone back up to 138kgs and my Doctor has said the band is no longer working properly so here I am to gather information on the Sleeving process.

In 2010 I had one foot in the gravel uncontrolled type 2 diabetes and after losing 30kgs in 2012 the diabetes went into remission and stayed that way until 2018.

My goals are to return my health to that before the hit n run accident in 2018.

I'm 58 was very active up until 2018 and now need 2 but 1 knee replacement for now to get me active again but me Doctor has said although the left knee is bone on bone I can't have the replacement until im 62 or until I start having suicidal thoughts. So every kg of weight I can get off the knees will be a big help and also to improve my overall health.  

Was a cycling junkie, especially mountain biking, love kayaking and since any uphill pedalling is no longer possible just recently I bought a 2020 Royal Enfield Classic 500 motorcycle to get me out n about again. 

When I went down the Banding road I told everyone and their dog I'd been banded and this time I'm telling no one not even family. A year ago I was made redundant after 30 years with a Government position so I've decided no longer do I want to do the 7 to 4 work life and am retiring 4 years earlier than I'd planned. 


1a. 2020 Royal Enfield - Cargo Rack.jpg

1. Baby Sitting 11.01.20.JPG

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Welcome Fred!   Like you, I am a guy.  I have never regretted having weight loss surgery.

I suggest that you spend some time reading postings throughout this website, and then post any questions that you have.  

You also should look into the RNY gastric bypass as an alternative to the gastric sleeve - each of these weight loss surgeries has its advantages and disadvantages.  There are lots of postings on this topic - here is one fairly recent one:

We are here to support you!

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Hi Fred, from another Aussie. I had a revisional surgery to RNY bypass almost 4 years ago, and to be brutally honest I wouldn't go for any other surgery particularly when diabetes is in question. Never was offered the sleeve as an option because I already had reflux issues from my original ancient WLS. My sister had originally had a lapband (generally no longer performed now in Australia)  and revised to a mini Bypass about two years ago. Unfortunately since then she's experienced two perforated ulcers in the "loop" and in her second emergency surgery her bypass was revised to an RNY after an emergency RFDS uplift from outback SA where she was when it happened. Luckily she survived, although wasn't expected to second time around. I've been reading lots of horror stories from people 2-3 years after mini Bypass ( also known as the omega loop or single anastomosis bypass) that I suspect it might start to lose favour as quickly as it gained it.

Love the motorbike. It's so important we find ways to get out and about even though our mobility tends to try to stop us at times. Seeing an ortho myself in Feb regarding a very old knee injury that's decided to start really giving me grief. Not everything about retirement is fun!!!

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Welcome aboard Fred!  You will find excellent support and information from the many contributors here.  I am 13 months out from my own RNY gastric bypass and have zero regrets about the choice I made.   I wish you the same success and peace with your decision, whatever that may be.

Beautiful motorbike you have there, I mean, it's no Honda, but it will do :)  

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Hello and welcome!

I'm 6 years out from my sleeve and the only regret I've ever had is that I didn't do it sooner as it completely changed my life! In the last 2 years I have developed a hiatal hernia which is causing GERD at night.  I am reluctant to have another surgery and now with Covid I am just too busy (healthcare) so I have managed to manage symptoms with Nexium and elevating the head of the bed (luckily have an adjustable base).  My surgeon insists on an EGD periodically (just had one on Monday) to make sure I am not experiencing any erosion or excessive irritation/inflammation.

In the US, patients with diabetes are almost always steered towards bypass, although sleevers do quite well also, just not as quickly perhaps.  One thing I've learned from reading on this forum is that whichever surgery people choose, they very rarely regret it (except lapband, which isn't really done much in the US anymore). There can be post-op and long-term complications with either surgery, although thankfully serious ones are rare.  Read a lot, ask lots of questions; ultimately the decision is up to you and your surgeon.

Best of luck!

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