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What happens if you are 5 months out of gastric sleeve surgery and you having sex and condom break what should I do ?


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First of all, a broken condom does not necessarily mean that you will get pregnant. You may get pregnant or you may not, it depends on where you are in your menstrual cycle and luck. 

At five months out from sleeve surgery, your body has healed from the surgery and should be fully capable of carrying a pregnancy. So if you do get pregnant you should be able to carry the baby safely until birth (unless you have a condition that makes pregnancy dangerous). If you get pregnant you probably will need to take additional prenatal vitamins and the pregnancy obviously will necessitate having a revised higher calorie diet that will end your weight loss until after birth. These are issues to discuss with your doctor if you do become pregnant.

Of course, you face all the issues that any person in your position without sleeve surgery faces. Shall I take the “morning after pill” to stop the risk of pregnancy?  If I do get pregnant do I keep the baby or have an abortion?  Shall I get tested for venereal diseases due to the unprotected sex?

We are here to support you. 

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Many people have managed healthy pregnancies (before the recommended time frame) after WLS. Early medical monitoring is your best option right now. You just have to deal with any potential consequences according to how you would choose to deal with whatever they may be. 

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