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GERD after sleeve and Dr said bypass is only option to get rid of it!

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Hey! So I’m 4 years post op with gastric sleeve and I’ve just recently fallen ill... my symptoms are constant and not easing up with any medication. After GP appointments, specialists appointment and even a trip to the emergency department I finally decided to call my surgeon who thinks it may be a hiatal hernia or GERD. He said if it’s the hernia he can repair and if it’s GERD you will need to go ahead with the bypass... is this true?? I’m 163cm tall and 57kgs... I really really realllllly don’t want to get the bypass but I’m feeling so sick daily... has anyone experienced GERD after the sleeve?? 

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RNY byoass is the gold standard surgery for getting rid of GERD. I had my revision to RNY for GERD and it worked a treat until I developed an anastomotic ulcer.  Once they treated that the GERD went away again. My surgeon still watches me like a hawk even 3+ years later. I had very little weight to lose at the time of my revision,  and with an adjusted post-op diet regime I managed to not lose more weight than he wanted. Try not to worry about it until they know what the issue is. I presume your surgeon will do an endoscopy to find out before actually scheduling a bypass.

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