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On 9/8/2020 at 6:38 PM, kalim333 said:

I’m terribly picky. I do not like fish, cheese, canned chicken, and so on. I had surgery on July 30th. I’m trying to find foods to eat to help me get protein in. Please help me! I’m at a plateau and I think it’s cause I’m not getting enough calories in.

Hey there! Please try not to worry, plateaus are totally normal after WLS. Try to focus on the foods you do like. If you're really worried about your protein intake, look into different shake options. Tracking your intake using an app such as MyFitnessPal, can really help you figure out if your reaching your daily targets.

Beans, legumes, even meal replacement drinks might also be a good option for you to consider. And experiment! Have fun with relearning what foods you like, your palate will change more than likely now that you are eating clean. Best of luck!

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Some lean protein food ideas:  greek style nonfat yoghurt, sliced deli meat (such as turkey breast, ham or roast beef), Jello no sugar added instant pudding (made with nonfat milk - not the pre-made cups), ground beef made into taco meat or Sloppy Joe (but be careful not to add sugar), frozen chicken breasts cordon blue (my go to dinner since my surgery many years ago), or Premier Protein premixed shakes.

By the way, you said that you do not like cheese, but as a Vermonter I still must recommend Extra Sharp Cabot Cheddar (yummy!)

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If you had surgery July 20th and are posting your question on September 8th (both in 2020), would you not still on liquids or soft foods? 

I couldn't eat much of anything at that point. Plain 0% yogurt and cottage cheese, Unjury, fat free refried beans, silken tofu, scrambled egg white... 

I decided not to worry about food at all and how much protein because it was soy early.



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