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Almost 7 years out

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Hi guys...it's been a while!.SO much has happened. I gained back 40 pounds and I'm now on track again, I've lost 5 pounds since making myself behave! About little more than a week.  I have a question. I can't remember and can't find it. Does the diet juice count as my fluid intake, I know nothing caffeine counts.

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Hi.. how are things going for you now? I'm 8 years out, I had lost 103 lbs but now I've gained back 20. Maybe we can help each other

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I'm 6.5 years out and I've gained back 20 lbs. For the life of me I can't hardly get a pound off! I guess my body likes it here because I have maintained here for the last 3 years and I'm ok with it!! The new study now shows that your lowest weight after surgery is just a side effect of the actual surgery! To maintain there you would have to eat that small amount of calories you ate to get there...which many will not do as it is VERY unhealthy, I try to stay within that 20lbs, give or take 5lbs. My restriction is still very good which I'm grateful for, I'm 58 years old so weight does not come off easy LOL.

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