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Hello to you all. 

I have been advised to do the GBP procedure almost 2 years back and have delayed it and promised myself 100 time's i can do it without surgery but here i am again hating myself and what i have become. I have a food addiction and its now causing me to be short of breath constantly so i struggle to talk and with my sedentary jib and lifestyle, its getting worse. Should i bite the bullet and do it? Im really scared to have complications as im one of those 0.01% of people who get the thing they said is rare to happen. What about hair loss, vitamin deficiency, depression? How did you all go if your bmi was only 34 or not that high? 

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All of your concerns are valid and, yes, even possible outcomes you may experience if you opt to have any weight loss surgery.  I would say most people who choose this path have all the same concerns.  Some develop complications, some don't, sometimes complications come far down the post-op road.  

For me, it came down to a risk/benefits analysis.  We all know the dangers of being morbidly obese, compounded by age.  WLS gave me a chance at something better and I took it.  There are no guarantees of a simple, carefree life with or without the risk of WLS; however, those of us who have gone forward rarely express regrets about the choice we have made.  

Best wishes and proceed with caution; it is a life altering decision.

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Having gastric bypass is a major decision.  For me, the key point was that I wanted to be able to live longer and be more active.  I have never regretted my decision to have the surgery, although I admit that I was scared on the morning of the surgery.

In terms of your BMI, you should know that US insurers require a BMI of at least 35 plus at least one major medical problem (co-mobidity) to qualify for weight loss surgery.  Note that many people have decide to have a major food binge high is salty foods, put rocks in their pockets and/or drank lots of water, etc. in order to up their BMI temporarily in order to up their weight to a 35 BMI.  

In terms of your other points:

Complications - yes, there is a small risk of serious complications after weight loss surgery.  But remember the much greater long term risk of serious complications and death (heart attack, stroke, diabetes, knee problems, etc.) if you remain overweight.

Hair loss - for most people it is temporary (less than year) and not severe.  Some people have no hair loss.  In addition, you probably will have less hair loss if you eat a diet high in lean protein after surgery.  I would much rather have less hair on a skinny body than remaining overweight with a lot of hair.

Vitamin deficiency - once you have a gastric bypass you need to commit to taking vitamin and mineral pills for the rest of your life.  I buy mine at CVS or Walgreens where they are not expensive.  

Depression - weight loss surgery will not cause or cure any mental illness problems, including depression.  If you have depression, you will need to continue to see a therapist and/or take medications (although note that some long lasting medications do not work well after weight loss surgery and that your dosage may drop as your weight drops).

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Hi welcome to TT  !!    What are your stats  ?  Do you have co-morbidities  if your BMI is lower then 35 ?   I am just trying to understand why a Dr. would advise you to have a surgery with a lower BMI if nothing else is wrong ?

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