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Hi. I am new here. RNY is scheduled for June 24th. I thought my mind was made up about this surgery but as it creeps closer, I am having my doubts. My husband has his doubts, too. He is scared for me and the fact that my body is going to get hacked.  He doesn't have complete confidence that I will be able to keep up with the guidelines (because I have failed so many times on other weight loss measures. DUH - that is why I am considering RNY!)

I'm scared that I will forget to stay hydrated...

I'm afraid I will slip up and feel pain.....(I know, it is inevitable, right? Everyone slips up.)

I'm afraid of what this will do to my current anxiety and depression that I experience. (I do have a therapist...I suppose I should tell her my plans for surgery.)

As you can tell, I am uncertain about it.....but I also know that I don't tend to have a ton of luck long term with dieting on my own. I am good for a couple of weeks and then the lack of progress demotivates me. I know I need a tool such as RNY to get this weight off of me.

How did you feel as your surgery date grew closer?

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Welcome to Thinner Times!

What you're going through right now is pretty normal.  I kept doubting myself but with a 35+ year history of yoyoing myself up to 260lb (or so), my way didn't work - I was unable to stick to a diet for too long and ended up heavier each time.

Having a RNY gave me a tool that helped me stick to the plan and here I am - 13 years out in September , 65 years old and am holding steady at 120lb (I'm 5'5" tall and have a small frame).

Your therapist may or may not be supportive of your plans to have WLS but personally, I would tell her anyway.  Have you mentioned your anxiety and depression to your surgeon?  I think it right that they be informed of that and it would be better if you were able to tell him/her that your therapist is aware of your plans too.

I was a mix of excited and anxious as my surgery date drew closer.  Half of me thought that maybe I could give dieting another go but ultimately, I knew that I needed the help of WLS.

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I knew this was the only way to get my life back.  I was so nervous I nearly left the hospital.  Got to the OR and said it’s not too late to run!  
I had failed every diet I ever tried.  
it truly is the best thing I ever did for myself.

you can do it.  Look forward to the losers bench!!

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Relax.  it is going to be fine.:)  

I had lots of worries before my surgery, but everything has worked out great for me.  Life as a more healthy, more active and thin person is wonderful.  I also know that by being at a healthy weight I am likely to live decades longer - which will mean more time with my wonderful spouse and grown up sons (and hopefully some day grandchildren).

Everyone here at TTF failed to lose weight and keep it off with normal diets, which is why we turned to weight loss surgery.  The surgery makes it possible to lose all of your extra weight and keep it off, as it supports and guides you into a healthy diet and lifestyle.  This guide from one of the best hospitals in Boston may be helpful to you in planning for life after your surgery:

https://www.tuftsmedicalcenter.org/~/media/Brochures/TuftsMC/Patient Care Services/Departments and Services/Weight and Wellness Center/GBP Diet Manual12611.ashx

My only regret is that I did not have my gastric bypass surgery sooner.

For inspiration, I strongly suggest that you read the wonderful postings on the Member Photos board here at TTF.  The before and after photos, and related reports on how their life has changed for the better, are wonderful.  In addition, this video has been highly inspirational to me over the years:


Please remember that we are here to support you and to answer your questions as you go through your weight loss surgery journey.


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Welcome.  Hope you had your surgery today.  My surgery was a life saver for me.  Most of us will tell you that we wish we had done the surgery sooner - I sure wish I had, I was 61 and spent my teens and all of my adult life losing and gaining weight and then getting to where I couldn't lose weight no matter what I did.  Even when I'm tired or don't feel good, I feel so much better than I did when I was fat.  By the way - your body is not getting hacked, RNYs are usually laparoscopic surgery - I can't even find the scars anymore (4 years out) and I will tell you that I would rather have scars than 130# of fat on me. It would have been a good idea to talk to your therapist and usually your surgical team has you see a psychologist.  As far as staying hydrated, if you have a smart phone you have timer in the clock section.  Pour out water in small cups (like cough syrup size) and set the timer for 10 minutes and repeat and repeat and repeat.  My anxiety has one less component (what people will think of me cause I'm fat - cause now I'm not).

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