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10 more pounds to go and the scales do not move!

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Hello, I wanted to ask for advice. I am 7 months post VSG, and alsmot at my goal weight. Ideally, I have 10 more pounds to lose to be where the surgeon recommended in my last consultation. The problem is that I seem to have reached a stall and have been in the same range of 64 kg for the last three weeks. I weight everyday and I can see that I go up and down 500-600 gm, but lately it has been increasing rather than losing. I am worried that this is the beginning of weight gain.

In terms of my eating, the things that have changed are: (i) I am drinking Crystal Light to meet the fluid requirements instead of water; (ii) I started to drink a powder chocolate protein shake which I like better than Premier Protein (which I was drinking before this stall); (iii) I have been getting hungrier during the day so I am eating cashews as a snack more frequently; (iv) I stopped eating fish because for some reason I don't feel like it - last year I had a portion of baked salmon 2-3 times a week; (v) I can tolerate a bigger food volume, but I think this is normal as time passes. It's not a huge amount anyway (1.5 cups), but a bit more than I could eat before.

Do you have any recommendations to kick start the weight loss? or should I just continue as I am and hope that the weight may fall on its own in due course?

Many thanks in advance!

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Your weight loss stall eventually will end if you continue to each a healthy diet low in calories and high in protein.   Some people here have had success ending their stalls by increasing exercise, increasing their protein consumption, dropping their carbohydrate consumption, increasing their consumption of liquids, and/or dropping snacking.

Is your new protein shake higher in calories than the Premier Protein?  If it is, then maybe you should try another flavor of the Premier Protein shakes - I like the chocolate and the cookies and cream flavors best, although the caramel, vanilla, and strawberry flavors are nice as well

By the way, cashews are not the best choice as a snack as they are not very high in protein and are high in calories.  When you get hungry between meals it is better to avoid cashews as a snack and instead drink liquids and/or have an apple (or another more healthy snack).

We are here to support you.

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@Res Ipsa Thank you so much for the tips, they are very useful. I was not aware that cashews were not good, I have been eating lots of them so perhaps that is part of the problem. Will try to drink more liquids as snacks such as Premier Protein, I also like the chocolate one but I like the new one I'm drinking so much better - less sweet and creamier. I am not doing any exercise at the moment but plan to start soon. I find it very difficult to get motivated but will try it to see if it helps to lose the last pounds. Many thanks again!!

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Try almonds instead of cashews - but you also have to be aware of how many you eat. 

I'm just 1 month post surgery & have not tried eating any nuts - but almonds are a better choice. 


There are lots of good resources on this forum about stalled weight loss.  It will pass if you continue to manage your food. 

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@Brass MonkeyHello! Thanks for your comment. I only saw it today. I wanted to say that I have finally started to lose weight again, and moved from 64.5 to 62.5, so that feels like huge progress. I don't know exactly what I did that managed to break the stall, I suppose that I was a bit more mindful of what I was eating and how many times a day. I have reduced cashews but since I like them so much, I still have some every other day or so. I hope that you are feeling well and also making lots of progress!

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