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Cindy Lou Who

One Year Maintained!!!!!

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I've spent this last year writing a maintenance blog each month, but I know alot of people don't get over to that part of the site. So I thought I'd repeat here my last blog ending my first year. Hope you like it. :) 


So it is. I have made it on maintenance for one year. I decided to write a blog each month because I thought the first year of maintenance might be harder than the weight loss phase. I had never written a blog before, and it helped me reflect along the way. Here is a portion of my first post, one year ago this week: 

Never done a blog before. But I love reading them on this site, and I think I have something to say. And I'm hoping it might strike a few chords with some of you. 

I can lose weight. Over the years I have turned the diet light on and off. I have lost hundreds of pounds over my life time (since junior high) and gained hundreds more. I have been successful on Atkins, Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, Phen-fen pills, fasting once a week, and countless others. I've also ALWAYS gained it back. So instead of starting this blog when I had surgery (which was 9 months ago today), I am starting to record my next journey - MAINTENANCE. 

My goal is to stay within a 10 pound range.  130-140 pounds. I'm not sure what my timeline should be for celebration. Should I first make it for one year, two years? But each month for this next year I want to acknowledge where I am. Maintenance is the part I've always failed at. Maintenance is what I've been fearing since before surgery day.    

For the first time I realize that just because I'm at my weight goal doesn't mean I'm cured. Like alcoholics that successfully beat the disease say they are in recovery, I think maybe I'll always be a recovering yo-yo dieter. So today is my starting point. Today is my first day. I've had my first month, so feeling pretty good. 

Right now, a ten pound range feels like I'm trying to balance on the head of a pin! Hopefully, it will get easier? 

So now I've made it one year . I've continued going to Weight Watchers and weighing in to keep me accountable. My weight range ended up being 124.0 - 132.6. I now have a "happy range" of 6 pounds that I like being in. I feel SO MUCH more comfortable about keeping the weight off than I did a year ago today. I feel like I need to stay very vigilant, but no longer like a 10 pound range is like standing on the head of a pin. I also know I have alot to learn about lifetime maintenance and that it will get harder as the years go by. I'm hoping that the good habits I've started will help. My top 5 habits that I like keeping are 

1) Exercise 5-6 days per week

2) At least 60 grams of protein and 48 ounces of liquid every day. The rest can follow. 

3) My favorite mantra is "What I eat today, I'll crave tomorrow." I often avoid junk food just so I don't crave it the next day. I know I'm on track when I crave turkey, blueberries, and sardines! :) 

4) I weigh every day. My happy range is 125-131. If the scale shows out of that range, there is work to be done THAT DAY. 

5) Eat for fuel. That's it. I'm allowed to enjoy the fuel, but not eat for emotions. 

I just got a new driver's license in the mail. Six years and WLS has given me health!!  (See picture below) 


drivers licenses.jpg

Here is my year's weigh ins at WW. And here's to starting the next year! 

1 year maintenance.jpeg

Before and after pictures.....



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