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New and need help with questions

Leigh Ann price

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Hi All,

I am new to site but have questions I can not find answers to. 

So I was banded in 06.  I lost a tremendous amount of weight and lost 245 pounds in 17 mo.  Once I reached my goal my Dr removed all my fluid in band. Well...guess what? You got it I started gaining weight. Had no insurance so basically could not do anything with my band. Once I had insurance I went in for a fill.  Now here my question. While trying to fill my band my Dr could not get any saline into my port to complete my fill.  His hands were shaking from pressing so hard. He then tried a second time with a new needle. Same thing happened.  He could not get one drop in the port.  So I had a port replacement.

Now jump ahead 3 years.  I had gotten back down to my goal but wanted to retain fluid and have my lapband as a tool to help me not gain weight back.

One day I wake up and lost all restriction. Had a few fills but no restriction. Dr could not find any fluid either in band and said I have a leak. 

I went for x-ray with fluoroscopy. He could not find a leak at all.  After he put 3 cc into my port he had same issue. He was pushing the plunger in so hard his hand was shaking from the pressure.  He tried another needle same thing. No kinks were seen either on the x-ray.

So at this point he is going to get me in for a port replacement. My port tube or band is not leaking but what is wrong with these ports .  I am confused as to why we can't get saline Into port but only 3 cc. I have a 10 cc band. No fluid prior in band it had emptied again.  If losing fluid why did we not see that on x-ray and why would a port no take fluid. 

Please help cause I am scared I am be getting a port replacement and don't know for sure that is why I can't keep fluid in my band 

Advice needed

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Sorry no one responded to you.  They don't even do bands anymore where I am at.  I do have a friend that has one and has regained and has issues with her port flipping, so she hasn't been able to get hers filled and is considering VSG at some point.  Hope all goes well for you

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