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Just curious... is anyone a 10 year or more lap bander? I am! I had my surgery in 2007. I started out with a weight of about 223lbs and am now at 106. Can anyone tell me about their journey and what kind of issues you’re having.

I usually stay at around 115-117, but find myself losing more and more since Dec. 2018.  I’m sure I need an “unfill” (if that’s what it’s called! it’s been so long I don’t remember!). Anyway, I’m only able to eat an average sized meal and only after about 5pm. Who does fills/unfills anymore? I’m in MS and NO ONE does it out here! 

Anyone else have these issues??

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Wow that is awesome that you lost so much and kept it off with a band, congrats !

Don't think they do bands much anymore and I hope you can get the help you need.


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