Can We Talk About Gas For a Moment?

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NOT a pleasant subject, I know...but we all have it...and I've noticed that over the past 5 months, since I've had quite a bit of regain (30 lbs), that my gas has gotten bad. I cannot burp, so it all has to come out the southern end.

What can I do to help this? Is it a diet that has created this? 

Thanks for ANY input!

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It could have a lot to do with what you’re eating. You said you’ve had regain...have you been eating different foods than normal with the regain? Or bigger meals? I get terrible gas when I eat lettuce, and I just started eating salads again after a 2 year break from them. I take gas x when I eat a salad and it helps a lot. 

What types of foods are you eating? Give the gas x a try...I hope it helps you.

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