Is anyone here from the UK ?

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is anyone from the UK ? Im currently waiting for the gastric bypass on the NHS, has my initial consultation and I’m now trying to lose my 14lbs as requested by the surgeon. Is anyone in a similar situation ? 

Thank you 


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Welcome to Thinner Times Rachel.

It's been close to 12 years since I had my RNY but the pre-op process doesn't seem to have changed much. 

I wasn't given an amount to lose pre-op but I had to lose weight and keep it off between my first consultation and surgery.  That was 5 months and I lost close to 35lb.  I was a little concerned that I might not get my surgery but all it showed was that I good at dieting (should have been, I had a 35+ year documented history of it), I just couldn't keep it off.

Hang in there - life as a slimmer person is amazing.

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Hi Rachel,

I’m from the UK and failed my tier 3 because I didn’t lose but they are allowing me to try again after seeing the psychologist. How far along are you now?

L x

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