Unexpectedly pregnant - help!

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Long story short, found out that I am unexpectedly pregnant 2+ years post surgery. We weren't planning on it, and so I have done zero research and am still waiting to try and get in with my surgeon's office and PCP. I have so many questions!

1) I saw in a few posts there were some questions re: the safety of protein powder/protein shakes during pregnancy. What have people been told? I'm guessing it's not protein specifically, but are there certain ingredients you were told to make sure weren't in your powders?

2) I've drifted from my specific vitamin/diet plan more recently (was just getting back to strict post surgery plan before the news). What amount of different vitamins were people told to take? I started a prenatal vitamin, and additional calcium, but wasn't sure if the other vitamin amounts in a prenatal are enough for pregnant + post-surgery. I did read the pinned post with some of the recommended vitamin amounts, but there were a few in there that didn't specify vitamin amounts. 

3) I've had some minor nausea, upset stomach. Almost a decade ago, when last pregnant, if I was nauseous I ate crackers. What calms your stomach if you are avoiding carbs?

4) Were you primarily followed by your PCP, or did you find a specialty/high risk/bariatric-specific doctor?

5) This one I hesitate to ask, because it's a vanity question, but I just spent a year loving my body for the first time ever (after making goal weight & having excess skin removed). Anyone else get pregnant AFTER having skin removal? How....bad....was it after? Do people ever get skin removed at same time as a c-section? (I'd ideally like vaginal birth, what I've always done before, but thinking through all the thoughts....)

6) Anyone have a recommended diet they followed? I have always done best when I have sample diets to follow with examples/amounts, so thought I'd ask in case anyone was given any when they were pregnant.

7) Just........any other tips, suggestions, things that were helpful, things to look out for? Definitely still in PANIC mode....

Thanks :D

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