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7 years since my first surgery

Kim M

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Wow.  I realized today that it has been 7 years since my VSG.  That was quick.  I have been around since about 6 months post op.  I was so happy to find this forum and get the support and guidance from those who went before me.  

Some know my history.  I had VSG and lost all my weight in 15 months.  My body had released all the weight it wanted to and I was happy with where I was.  I maintained for a number of years and it was around year 4 that the emotional eating started.  I had regain which I lost once, and am currently working on again.  I had GERD and had to have a revision to bypass.  The GERD is better but not completely gone.  

My WLS was VSG.  Despite some regain, and another surgery,  I am in a much better place.  I have to work on my emotions daily and continue to treat myself with compassion.  I would like to lose the last of the regain, about 20 pounds, but if I don't that is okay too.  

Wishing all that are on the journey health and freedom from obsession.  


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