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Re-visiting our community

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HI everyone!

I was sleeved in May of 2011. I was very active in the community and had a You Tube channel documenting my first year.

I have had an up and down journey- due to extreme trauma concerning my child (no excuses -just what happened) I regained 70 of the 110 pounds I had lost but in 2017 I got myself together and lost 50 of the regain. I am happy at my weight and feel I can maintain it.

This week I had acute pancreatitis and had my gall bladder removed a few days later...one of my reasons to rejoin our community is to find out if others have reports about how gall bladder removal behaves with a sleeve as non WLS doctors do not have a lot of experience with us!

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Hello! I had my gall bladder out 20 yrs before my WLS so it wasn’t a problem. I know @Kio recently had hers out (maybe a year and a half after her WLS) and as far i know she did well (and the dr said it was much easier for her to have her GB out when she’s was thin than if they’d have done it when she was big). You can search for her post about it but I don’t think she had any issues afterwards.

good for you to get back on track and lose 50#! Keep up the good work.

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@CheeringCJ got it all right! I had zero problems from my gall bladder removal, and haven’t noticed any differences afterwards - except the lovely lack of pain!!!  My doc was really happy with how easy the surgery was. And my weight is still totally stable! I don’t eat any differently (but I was eating really well before, so there’s that.  :) )

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That's great news Kio!

I confess - I didn't have any issues with my gallbladder removal either (1 year post-RNY) and I was glad to be relieved of upper right tummy and back pain.

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