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I posted this a while back but unfortunately my Dr disapproves of anything Iron thats not Ferrograd (ferrous fumerate)

Any feedback on this-does it work ok for rny-ers? Any other alternative? And dosage?my iron stores are way down(8)&need something fast acting.Tried Poly fe(thanks Angela) but very constipating.

We are visiting the States now so could buy a stock to bring home(so much cheaper here)

Glad of any help.

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Ferrous fumarate can cause a tummy upset.  My experience with it was not good and it only has 33% elemental iron. 

I found carbonyl and polysaccharide to have the least side effects and the benefits is that they have 100% elemental iron so you get what you take.

Feosol Bifera HIP & PIC Iron isn't harsh on the system.  It contains non-heme (often plant derived) and heme (animal based) iron and you don't need to take vitamin C with it.

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