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Surgery in Mexico

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I've recently read a lot of stories about complications occurring after surgery in Mexico. However, I have also read on here about many positive experiences from those who have opted to go to Mexico.

I want to know from someone who shopped around in both Mexico and the US what notable differences they saw, if any. 

Did you ask about qualifications?

Were you warned about the CDC bacteria?

Thanks in advance for your insights. 

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Honestly, I'd take that article with a bit of a grain of salt - it looks like it's published by your surgeon's website, and I assume if he's practicing in San Diego, I'm sure the competition he faces from TJ is pretty fierce. There are good places in Mexico and bad places in Mexico. I shopped around quite a lot and found a place where the surgeon was really well qualified and had a ton of experience. My experience was very positive. The offices and hospital were clean and modern and staffed with well qualified people. There are people who go to really cheap dodgy places, though, and I have indeed seen the warnings about them online. I think it's a question of doing your due diligence. It's a big decision and you'd think people would be really careful, but looking at those cheap prices can make people a bit crazy, I think.

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I agree with everything Jen said about WLS in Mexico. I had a positive experience  after shopping around. I narrowed my choices to five hospitals/clinics. I called these places and was uncomfortable with some of their responses. Some places focued on how good I would look and that’s not the reason I had surgery  I sought out medical care that focused on my health and well being  

I went with a large hospital which hosts the blood bank for Tijuana. The hospital also has an ER which gave me peace of mind. I paid a high price as it was the most expensive option. I don’t regret the money I paid and would do it all over again. 

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