4 months post sleeve

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Help!  My hair is falling out!!  I’m down 48 lbs.  chart my protein every day, taking in at least 60 g/day.   I take vitamins faithfully.  I take B12 nasal injections.     I try to keep the calories around 1200/day and exercise most days.     What am I missing?   I also notice that I tire easily.    

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5 hours ago, MyNewLife said:

   What am I missing?  

That hairloss is pretty much inevitable with large weightloss. The body is an amazing biological organism. It knows it's in nutritional deficit while losing weight, so it's choosing to sacrifice hair and nail strength to look after more important cells. Once your weightloss slows somewhat the hair does grow back. About all you can do to try to arrest the list somewhat is to increase your protien intake.

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@Aussie Bear is absolutely right. You can be taking in enough protein to allow recovery from your surgery, but not enough to support that AND hair growth. Nails and hair are substantially all protein. There are gazillions of studies showing that the more protein you eat, the less hair loss.  Would not confuse the two issues. 

Suggest you consider upping your protein to 90 grams or more a day. Also get your hemoglobin / blood count checked out, since you are feeling tired, as well as make sure you are taking your vitamins. Some hair loss is related to (otherwise obscure) vitamins and micronutrients. If it is any comfort, your circumstances are common. 

What kind of surgery did you have?

And congratulations on 48 lbs weight loss. Don't be discouraged. Just alter your Plan as needed to meet your needs and desires. 

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