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The flu....

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Lol thank you, @BurgundyBoy...hehehe! It’s Snapchat, I didn’t actually color my hair :) It’s finally growing in nicely after falling out for close to 6 years, so I don’t dare color or perm it. But I love your suggestions...hubs and I are huge Halloween people, so I might do a faux pink hair style this year!

I’m glad to be getting my knee done too. Im getting them both done this year, actually. But the right one is the worst, so it’s the first to go. I had started PT back in November, and the last session I went to apparently broke the now loose piece free. When I finally had X-rays done after the fact, we got to see just how far gone my poor knees are. At least now I know, lol.

I can’t WAIT to be mobile!! I’m so excited, you can’t even imagine, lol. I’m definitely not a fan of surgery or hospitals, but it is necessary at this point to regain my mobility. Mice in the knee...I have to admit, I’ve never heard that one before :) But I like the sure feels that way!

I am looking so forward to WALKING up to you guys at the get together this year...hopefully not even needing the walker!! My timeline for that might be a bit ambitious, but we shall see!

I just took my last Tamiflu capsule today, and as of right now I’m still flu free :) Now if I can only stay away from everyone that has this horrible stomach flu, ugh!

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