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I haven't been on in a while. I just wanted to give you guys a bit of an update now that I'm finished with finals I can "hop back on the wagon" so to speak. 

I just got the news today that I will not be having bariatric surgery this year. I know of people on TT that have had this same disappointment. I'm sure you can imagine how I'm feeling right now. 

The office that I chose knew which procedure I wanted (Roux-N-Y Bypass) in May when I spoke with my first doctor (Dr. Melton). It was written in my file. I asked this doctor (who only does gastric sleeves and other less invasive procedures) if I needed to do anything differently as far as insurance, medical tests, or diet. He told me no. I did my 6 months of supervise weight loss with them where their "nutritionist" would routinely tell me to quit loosing weight so quickly. This of course was upsetting, but i kept telling myself that it was only one day a month, I just need to make it to surgery day.

I got to the end of my 6 moth supervision (this was the end of October) and when they set me up for my required appointments with a dietitian and psychiatric evaluation, ($250 a piece through their office) they acted like, they had never heard that I was aiming for the Bypass. It was in my folder, and I had talked to Blake the nutritionist about it (he kept trying to talk me out of it) so i know "they" knew. Because of this they tell me that the psychiatric evaluation they do in house isn't good enough, and they will have to get back to me when they can either refer me to someone, or get their in-house psychiatrist certified.  Either way, they were telling me it was going to take 5 sessions in order to satisfy insurance requirements. (which isn't true for me). (They also would not refund the money i had given them for those appointments.)

I made a mistake and trusted them too much. I gave them two weeks to get back to me with a solution for the psychiatric evaluation. No one ever called. My father referred me to the person that did his (who is amazing) and I did it in one session  OVER THE PHONE. I felt like i was finally getting somewhere after almost a month of run-around. They finally gave me an appointment to set up my surgery day with the new doctor.

A new doctor (Dr. Stembridge) joined the practice sometime during my supervised weight loss period, and I was given him as my doctor because he is the only one there that will preform bypasses. I met him for the first time Thursday the 13th (he was supposed to give me my surgery date then). He comes out of nowhere and says he wants an EGD (which the other doctors don't require). I had that done yesterday. During that procedure, he he found a hiatal hernia, and diagnosed me with sleep apnea. They had to stop surgery to put a breathing tube in because my oxygen level dropped. As I came out of surgery, he told me that because of this he wont do surgery on me until it is "controlled". 

I'm frustrated because this was the only window of time I had within the next 6 moths at least. I feel like I've been lied to and taken advantage of. I understand them not wanting to do it until it is safe, but i don't understand how sleep apnea disqualifies me from the surgery when they would insert a breathing tube during the surgery any way. Plus i thought people had this kind of surgery to HELP with apnea. Why couldn't i have had these tests done in November or October when there would have been enough time in case something wasn't perfect. Just because i didn't have a psychiatric evaluation? What does that have to do with having an EGD done? 

I guess this post is part warning to others looking to go here (Sterling Bariatric Center in Moultrie Ga), but mostly it's just a way to express my disappointment.

anyway, much love guys <3  

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Sorry to hear of the run around you've had. With regard to the sleep aponea it doesn't sound like they won't do it, if I read correctly you've said they won't do it until it is controlled. That generally happens within a couple of months. That's a very normal precondition for surgery, just as the endoscopy was quite a normal prerequisite for bypass surgery.

My bypass was delayed for six months for reasons out of my control, and I still believe it may have been one of the best things to happen for me. I seriously worked on lifestyle changes and went into my surgery much lighter and in a very good headspace.

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The reason for controlling the sleep apnea isn't because of what happens during the surgery; its because of the chances of dying AFTER the surgery.  Pain meds, plus sleep apnea equals death.  Happens enough that they just aren't willing to take the chance.

It seems as if this practice is not going to win any communication awards for sure!  Unfortunately you are the one who has to bear the consequences of that, but I am so glad that you are finally getting all the right stuff done.  It seems so strange to me because even as a sleeve I had all that stuff... sleep study to check for sleep apnea and subsequent CPAP, Pysch eval, 6 mos supervised weight loss, Dietician consult, EGD, etc.   But it was all very clearly spelled out for me in the very beginning and I could call or email the office coordinator at any time with questions.  Your practice seems very unorganized and I'm very sorry that has happened.  I hope it all goes smoothly from here on out.  Ask lots of questions, get a checklist and a timeline, and hang in there. 

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I am so sorry for what you are going through.  Ironically, I had the opposite problem; on fairly short notice my (wonderful) surgeon moved my surgery date up by about six weeks and I had to scramble to make sure that I could get the needed time off.

It is very normal to have lots of tests before weight loss surgery, and most surgeons will not perform weight loss surgery until any sleep apnea is under control.

If you want a gastric bypass, and not a gastric sleeve, then you are totally right to keep insisting that you have a gastric bypass.  I have never regretted having a gastric bypass, as it has allowed me to become thin, healthy, active and just more "alive."  As the post surgery diet for my gastric bypass taught me to eat and enjoy a more healthy diet, I never feel like I miss the unhealthy foods (and amounts of food) that I used to eat.

We remain here to support you.

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