Iron, Iron, and Less Iron (2 topics in one)

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Hey y' has been QUITE A WHILE since I've posted here! Everything has gone ... ok ... since January of this year. I had to have an IUD put in, and that ended up having to be removed because it caused migraines nearly daily. With those migraines stopped the running daily, and caused a 20 lb weight gain. (I had gotten down to 125). Over the past several months, my iron has been low (34 ug/dL), and my Ferritin has been low 6.4 ng (mL). My PCP put me on the 324 mg Iron pill daily, and from what I read, it needed to be taken with Vitamin C, so I popped that in there with my multi-vitamin. It's not improving. Here are a few ... admittedly horrible habits that I will say:

I"ve not exercised much over the past 6 mths because of the headaches
I've had a horrible diet over the past 6 mths, eating out and such because it's easiest to do when you don't feel well. 
I take the iron pill in the morning with a chewable Vitamin C tablet, and then drink my coffee.

I'm not sure if the coffee is negating the iron or not.

Additionally, because my iron is low, I CRAVE ice. C R A V E it. BUT - it has to be a specific ice. I want Sonic ice. When I let it melt down to measure out how much I was consuming, with water, it comes out to about 80 oz a day, but I think I might have stretched my pouch out with the constant eating of ice. (Topic 2) Does anyone have any experience with this happening?

Taking a step to be proactive in trying to turn all of this around was: buy a treadmill so I can at least start exercising now (I won't walk/run in the dark by myself in the cold), and posting my questions here, rather than sitting in my house wondering in my head, trying to figure it out by myself. 

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