Had a gastric bypass REVERSAL and now I'm worse...why? Please help

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Hi everyone, 

I'm going through a lot of pain, indigestion and fatigue and I need help. Please bear with me. 

I had a gastric bypass (my procedure was called mini-gastric bypass) in 2012. I was 17.  From that moment on I lost too much weight, and I was always fatigued, gassy and very bloated after meals. My heart was always pounding during digestion. In 2016 I made a decision and decided to go for reversal with another surgeon. Right now my stomach is supposedly the same it has always been.

However, my problems have gotten worse. I haven't gained any weight back and my malabsorption is as bad as it was with the gastric bypass. I feel very fatigued and I've been housebound for the last year. I deal with a lot of indigestion and on top of it all, now I have chronic stomach pain. Doctors can't find any reason for this, and all cases of GB reversal I've read have gained, if not all, at least some of the weight back. Not in my case. Now I can't tolerate exercise, alcohol, caffeine or most meds. I also have a lot of trouble remembering things and my attention span is terrible. The bloating and pain is not alleviated with prokinetics and other GI meds. I've tried many many different meds, including psych meds which I can't tolerate because they make my digestion and fatigue much worse. I'm 24 and I feel like I'm 80. I even have sexual problems because of the fatigue. I've been through SIBO treatment with antibiotics and even two fecal transplants to no avail. 

This is a long shot but I'm wondering if anybody can help me here. I can't find a reason why I'm going through this. I've had multiple tests with my surgeon and everything turns out ok, including bloodwork, endoscopy, colonoscopy...

Please, please. If you know a similar case, or a reason why this could be happening contact me as soon as possible. I will be forever grateful.

Thanks a lot everybody. 

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Just a thought,  it couldn't be something else altogether could it? Neurological maybe? Not all but a lot of the symptoms you're describing,  fatigue, concentration etc sound like they could have neuro cause and if they can't find anything wrong from a GI perspective maybe it's worth checking other things?

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As you note, what you are suffering with is not normal.  Some or all of your problems (a) may be a result of a physical or mental illness unrelated to your reversed gastric bypass, (b) may be a result of a vitamin or mineral deficiency (especially if you are not taking vitamin pills every day), (c) may be a result of your adverse reaction to some medicine that you are taking, or (d) may be a result of surgical errors by your doctor during your original gastric bypass or the reversal. 

If I was in your position, I would be seeking a medical opinion on the cause of your problems from another doctor.

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