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Hi All!

So I'm 5 weeks post surgery and I've lost a total of 18.7kg. Yay me!

My question is this... I'm on soft foods now, is it normal for food to hurt and get stuck going down? I'm doing thumbnail sized pieces, per the dietian. But I'm struggling. I saw my surgeon and he wanted to do a laproscopy. I don't have the time to take off work to get it done though... so just holding off as long as possible. He said there was probably nothing wrong with the sutures, but he just wanted to check as a precaution. Also.... I don't feel hunger and I don't feel full when I eat. How do I stop eating before I all of a sudden need to vomit? I did this on the weekend and it was not fun times!!



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Hi @SarahBMelbs, congrats on the -18.7kg! That's great!

Sorry you're having issues with getting food down (and keeping it down). A couple of questions: are you having any trouble getting down liquids or thick liquids (yogurt, beans, etc)? Are you chewing the soft food until it's really sort of paste-like (similar texture to yogurt)? Like a million chews per bite? Essentially, there shouldn't be a difference between the soft foods and the thick liquids by the time they get to your pouch. Also, is there a particular kind of soft food that's causing you problems? I had a terrible time with eggs and just have learned either not to eat them or be really really careful with them (still, after almost 2 years!). Answering those questions might get you closer to an answer on whether you need to disrupt your routine and get that laparoscopy done. It's hard to say whether your surgeon is being ultra-cautious, but I'd give him the benefit of the doubt since he's the pro!

As for the hunger/lack thereof and also lack of a sensation of fullness, you really should just be measuring your intake for now. Your nerves were all messed with when you had surgery, and that takes quite a while to heal. Also, your new pouch will give very different signs of fullness to you (once the nerves heal) so you need to learn to listen for different cues. Basically, you're learning how to eat all over again. At 5 weeks, you probably shouldn't be eating any more than a couple of ounces of anything solid-ish. I think I was eating like one thin slice of cheese and one thin slice of sandwich meat (fake meat in my case) at about 5 weeks, and that was it for a meal for me, to give you an idea of quantity. More than that would lead to issues. I ate my other meals (beans, yogurt, tofu in sauce, etc) out of a special small ramekin with a special small spoon that I bought just for that time. I knew how full I could fill the ramekin so as to fit comfortably in my pouch, and the small spoon helped me to eat really slowly. Honestly, I still do best if I eat out of small bowls that I know the capacity of at home , and smallish spoons and forks. When I eat away from home off of normal sized plates and with normal sized cutlery, I'm much more apt to eat too much and suffer the consequences. Our brains are easy to trick.

Best of luck learning how to deal with your new system. WLS really should come with a new owner's manual! There's a lot to learn.

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