11 days post op

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So my soreness is gone.  I'm struggling to get my shakes in.  I can usually do 4 oz in the morning but can't seem to get any more down.  I did throw up today for the first time.  I was eating my jello too fast.  I knew immediately I screwed up.  On a side note, it wasn't as bad as what I thought it would be.  But I learned my lesson.  So far I'm down 52 pounds which makes me happy, but I figure a part of that is not getting my shakes in.. I go back to the doctor next Wednesday. 

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Early out from surgery, I had days when I just sipped milk all day long.  Not as heavy as protein drinks, nor strong in flavour (sweetness of protein shakes was and still is a big issue for me).

A cup of milk has 8g of protein per cup so it's worth trying and buzzing it up with some cocoa powder and a touch of sweetener made a pleasant, less heavy change.


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