Eating over Nerve Damage

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I am almost four years post-op and was doing very well with my weight and life style changes until a few months ago when I had a wisdom tooth extracted.  A nerve was damaged and I have had electrical type pain = like my face/mouth is on fire - 24 hours per day for almost six months.  Initially, I couldn't eat at all, but eating anything "substantial" is painful and I started sipping iced tea with sucralose and found/find it very soothing.  Over months, it seems I can't be without a glass of tea available for constant sipping.  This and the pain of eating salads and any "crunchy" or tough foods has led my good choices to suffer and now I feel I am slipping into my old ways - eating for comfort rather than nutrition and feeling ashamed of myself.  Please help e get back on track.


Best Patricia

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I am so sorry you're going through that Patricia and I know that your question is about getting back on track but short of pureeing foods that require a lot of chewing and or trying ground proteins etc., I don't have much to offer.

Have you sought advice from a specialist to see if the nerve can be repaired?

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