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HELP! Lost my insurance in feb can’t sign up Unable to get insurance until sign up in November policy will kick in in January

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I’m in horrible pain, either my stomach is leaking or this is pancreatitis, I had pancreatitis once brought on by IV levaquin  I know the protocol nothing  by mouth  The last time it happened nothing by mouth for seven days.  IV fluids

 Pancreatitis feels like you are pregnant with a 16 pound baby a giant head in the last stages of labor and now what?   Like gallstones times a million Praying for relief or death 

That time I have an awesome insurance plan   Today because of a screw up at my hisbands office in February I am uninsured for the first time in my whole life  

Not eligible for charity  reluctant to ever run up a non insurance negotiated ER fee. This is a state not a consumer protected commonwealth like Pennsylvania 

last time I was in an ER I had palpitations, was there for 16 hours, nothing except a wireless ekg and the bill was 26 thousand dollars negotiated down to something like 18 thousand and I had to pay 4 thousand because that was my deductabole   Get this : no cardiologist on staff, it was last week of aug and at the jersey shore that means all the Drs are on vacation. I was assigned to a cardiologist who shouldn’t be in the building for 3 more days, the palpatataions stopped and they said if I signed myself out of the hospital it was against medical necessity and my insurance wouldn’t pay. They were threatening to hold me there until the cardio came back fro Aruba.  I said ok then I’m being transferred to a hospital with a cardio on staff and I’m calling my insurance, I had discharge papers and a forced smile by the floor doctor in ten minutes. 


Agaimst medical advce   What bull  

Later found out 20 people were sick from a chinese take out that used excessive MSG   Where I had one egg roll 30 minutes before my heart was doing scary beats 

Anyone have any ideas.  

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If indeed you have something as serious as a leak or pancreatitis you may have to seek ER care and worry about the cost later.  Your life is worth it. Please get help and keep us posted.

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