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Waiting period blues


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Hello all,

This is my first post, but I have been lurking for a little while. :)

My question/problem.

I have been accepted into a WLS program at Denver Health Hospital. I began in April of this year.

The requirements are...3 visits with dietitian, 2 visits with psychologist, 4 support group attendance visits, and a minimum of 6 months with a maximum of 1 year.

Everything has been going smoothly for me until July, when I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. I was prescribed a CPAP and now I have to document 3 months of successful CPAP usage before I get my 1st meeting with the surgeon.

I hate this waiting. I feel like I have had a setback. I have been using my CPAP regularly for a week with no problems. I am really getting used to it. I was hoping to have surgery before the holidays and my daughter's wedding, which is on Jan. 31st.

Any advice or words of wisdom would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance!


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Congratulations and welcome! I had a setback in my pre-op timeline too. Mine was my fault - 3 months into my 6 months process I freaked out, decided I could lose the weight on my own and promptly gained 10 pounds in a month. So, I had to re-start the supervised weight loss portion of my process. I was super bummed and really mad at myself. I used that extra time to read more about WLS - I think I read something like 9 books on it. I spent more time here and lots of time working on the mental part of my changing relationship with food. 


If I were you, I would call the surgeon and tell them you know it hasn't been 3 months but you and your CPAP are doing great and would they please let you have an appt before the 3 months? If you can't get one, hang in there!

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19 minutes ago, Stephtay said:

3 months into my 6 months process I freaked out, decided I could lose the weight on my own and promptly gained 10 pounds

Oh, my. Why do we torture ourselves the ways we do??? 

@Ro_Bro Like Stephtay says, asking is worth a shot, but in the meantime, learning all you can about the procedure, working on healthy habits, and trying to improve your headspace are three things that will make any waiting actually work in your favor. If you look at it as a time to get your house (figuratively and perhaps literally) in order, it’s not so bad to wait. I know the feeling of impatience, though.

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I agree, as usual, with the above very wise advice from @Stephtay and @Jen581791.  

Most importantly, weight loss surgery is about a life time change .... forever, for the rest of your life.  A delay of a few months may seem nasty or unfair now, but in a year or so you should be at your goal weight and living the good life, and you totally will have forgotten about this delay.   Trust me on this.  

In short, hang in there.  We are here to support you.

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