10 years post RNY Gastric Bypass: In Living Hell!

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Greetings! I had RNY gastric bypass 10 years ago on May 20th, 2008. My starting weight was just under 300 lb, I was 27 years old, and had been over 200 lb since I was 15 years old. Although I was severely overweight, I was very healthy and active... Even playing in the marching band in high school and college. Throughout the years prior to my gastric bypass, I did not have any health issues, with the exception of slightly elevated cholesterol. My doctor recommended I start taking statins, but I knew that rny gastric bypass was in my future, and that weight loss would resolve the cholesterol issue, so I declined to take the Statin. I lost approximately 100 lb within the first 11 months post-op, at my smallest I got down to 155 lb, approximately two and a half years after my surgery. That was the smallest I had ever been in my life. At that time, however, people would constantly tell me that I looked too small, I looked sick, my face was too thin, I looked old. I will admit that at that time, I was working out two times a day, and only eating approximately 700 calories per day. I was eating so little, not because I was intentionally restricting my food, but because I was having acid issues that were making me feel miserable. My surgeon was the amazing Dr. Charles Callery, and after experiencing the acid issues which presented as major pain in between my upper shoulder blades, he wisely told me that the surgery had reduce the size of my stomach, but not the amount of acid I was producing. Thus, I had a lot of stomach acid, in a very small space, which was causing the intense, pain and discomfort in my upper shoulder blade area and my upper chest. Dr. Callery recommended that I take Prilosec 2 times per day, for the first two weeks, then taper off to one time per day, for the rest of my life. This was the Magic Bullet. I was acid, pain, discomfort free for the next five years. I was living life and loving my new body. Then, unfortunately, an autoimmune disease crept into my life. I won't disclose which one, that is quite personal, but I will say that it caused me to regain about 60 lb that I had lost post-surgery. This was a very tough time for me. I felt judged by everyone because I had regained the weight, and in their mind, the surgery had failed. I knew what the issue was, but it was no one else's business. I just toughed it out. Eventually, after a year of very hard times, I was able to receive the medication protocol that worked, and I began to lose that 60 lb that I had regained. Unfortunately, my happiness was short-lived, as I then began to develop would I call the elephant on my chest. Approximately two and a half years ago, I would notice that after meals, I would have a light amount of pressure in the middle of my chest, the only way I can describe it, is as if you have a large gas bubble in your chest, that you need to belch to relieve, but the belch doesn't come. If you can imagine someone sitting on your chest, and as you try to exhale, they are pushing against your chest, creating a resistance as you try to exhale. It wasn't comfortable, but I could manage it, with taking additional Gas-X, Omeprazole, and eating smaller meals. Fast forward three years later, I am in living hell. It is hard for me to get up every day, and submit myself to this constant pressure, heaviness, and inability to breathe. I am absolutely miserable, my quality of life is at 5%, I can't do anything physical, I can barely go to to work. Taking a sip of water in the morning, eating two bites of food, have resulted in me feeling like I am out of breath, I cannot get a full breath, and the pressure on my chest, feels like there is an elephant sitting on my chest. I have seen numerous gastroenterologist, and undergone numerous gastric evaluations, pulmonology evaluations, and cardiac evaluations, to attempt to determine what the cause of this constant pressure in my chest is. This was supposed to be just an introduction, LOL, but I also delved lightly into my current situation, which is why the title of this post is called living hell. I plan on starting a new thread, to give more details and ask more questions, and seek advice from other post-operative rny gastric bypass patients, who may be experiencing the same thing I am, and have found a solution. At the present moment, I have not found a solution, and I am seriously regretting every action that I've made up to this point. I hate to say this, but I am at the point where I would rather be obese again, then living daily, feeling as if I can't breathe, and as if someone is choking me and suffocating me from the inside out all day, and all night. I am sorry this sounds negative, but it is my current situation. I know everyone will not have this outcome, as a matter of fact, I pray, but no one has this outcome. Rny gastric bypass was successful for me, in the fact that I lost a significant amount of weight. I do not discourage anyone from having it, I just would like for you all to be informed, of the complications that some people may experience. I was in your shoes, if you are a preoperative, and reading this thread. I read complications people had, but I was determined to save my life, start a new life, and have rny gastric bypass, to give me the best chance at a healthier life that I could have. So, please take away from this post, I was successful with rny gastric bypass, unfortunately, my body and gastric bypass were not compatible. Good luck to all of you, it is a pleasure to introduce myself. I pray that through my own research, competent Physicians, and the support of many people who have had rny gastric bypass, and experienced the same thing I am struggli ng with yet found successful treatment options, I will return with a positive, happy, update. Until then, stay safe my friends, enjoy every day, and sending you all my love and positive energy.


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I’m terribly sorry to hear of your struggles. I wish I could offer you some answers. Have you done a follow up consult with Dr. Callery? 

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