looking to hear experiences on band over bypass procedure

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I am 15 yrs post op from having gastric by-pass . I initially lost 110 but over the past 5 years have gained 70 back . 

I am scheduled for a band over bypass revision next week  and was looking to see how others have done. 

I was told the wt loss is very slow and was not worth it. I am hoping this is not true.  Of course I know diet and exercise are key and fully plan on following the diet. 

Any input would be appreciated 


Thank you 

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Hi there

I had my bypass operation in 2011 and went from 233 to 145 in a year.  However was unhappy that I was gradually putting on weight and felt that the benefits of the original procedure were fading.  I had a band procedure in March 2017 when I was about 185 pounds.

The weight loss after was gradual that is true - this one really is a 'tool'  - but I am now 139 pounds.

You really cannot enjoy food as much as before.  There is a severe limit on your capacity and some foods are spectacularly sore  (I would love to network with people on this - I find eggs uncomportable and sharp foods of course - I often have to make myself sick and have to be super super careful when I am out with friends as there can be no relief if I get pain.  

On the up-side I am thinner than I ever was on the original journey, I don't get dumping or sugar rushes.  Happy to chat further if it helps



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